hydrogen heating

Heating with Hydrogen

We are creating innovative energy solutions, so that your home, your district, or your company can become 

climate neutral


hydrogen heating

Our technology

We are partnering with utilities and manufacturers of heat appliances to demonstrate one of the first hydrogen-driven heating devices worldwide.

Our patented combustion technology can work with different kind of gas fuels and mixtures, and also be combined with other technologies like heat pump and fuel cells in hybrid solutions.

hydrogen heating

 Heat transition in buildings

With falling costs of photovoltaics and wind energy, Power-to-Gas facilities are being used to convert renewable electricity into hydrogen.  

Azure pledges for the conversion of Natural Gas grids into hydrogen grids and delivers the missing piece in a heat transition, Hydrogen-ready heating devices.

The project AZURE is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action under the Program EXIST Transfer of Research.